The Children’s Activity Tax Credit at Zacada

Posted Mar 25th, 2015 in General, Classes

The Children’s Activity Tax Credit at Zacada

Since 2010, the Government of Ontario has been offering The Children’s Activity Tax Credit to help parents with the cost of enrolling their kids in organized sports.

For 2015, you can claim up to $551 in eligible expenses, and get up to $55.10 back for each child under 16.

You can get up to $110.20 back for a child with a disability, who is under the age of 18.

To qualify for the credit for a taxation year, you have to have been a resident of Ontario on the last day of that year, and to have paid fees in that year to register your child in an eligible activity.

Our fun, engaging and challenging Zacada Circus School classes are eligible for the Children’s Activity Tax Credit. So, for those of you who have enrolled your kids with us in the past, make sure you take advantage of this fantastic credit.

Or, enroll your kids this year – they’ll get fit, have tons of fun, and you can save a little money while they’re at it!

You can learn more about the Children's Activity Tax Credit here.

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