Kayley Pettit | Coach

As a Zacada Circus School performer and coach, Kayley Pettit draws from her extensive and varied dance career.

Throughout her competitive dance career, Kayley has held numerous titles. These include 'Teen Dancer of the Year' for the American Dance Awards, 'Canadian Champion' for the Canadian Scot Dance Canada Championship Series, as well as many regional and national group titles. Kayley has been training and coaching Aerial Arts/ Circus since 2008. She is trained on a wide variety of apparatus’. Kayley has worked multiple contracts with Royal Caribbean Productions for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line where she worked as an Aerialist, Dancer, Aerial Coordinator, and Guest Specialty Act. She draws from her extensive competitive dance and acro career.  She is a certified Gymnastics and Alixa Flexibility coach. She loves working with students of all ages and helping students to reach their full potential.


As a Zacada Circus Performer and Coach, Kayley's areas of expertise include Aerials and Contortion.

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