Why Choose Circus Skill Classes Over Other Fitness Options?

Circus classes give participants of all ages the best of all worlds – fitness, skill development, emotional development, camaraderie and performance enhancement.

We love it when parents ask us about the benefit of circus classes for their children. 

Circus classes offer an extraordinarily well-rounded experience for kids – one that is physically, mentally, and emotionally engaging.

Physically, because since circus classes are so varied, they build strength, develop co-ordination, increase flexibility and balance, and increase fitness and endurance levels.

In fact, even if your child participates in a more traditional sport, such as hockey, soccer or basketball, they can benefit from circus classes. Circus classes develop core competencies and strength which complement and enhance other sport-specific training.

  • World-class coaches and A-Grade instruction paired with whimsy and wonder, make Zacada Circus THE place to enrol your children or to let your own inner circus performer run rampant!
    - Lily Q., Hamilton

In our circus classes, our focus on the development of the mind and of emotional balance is also paramount.

Children have to be 'present' to be safe in their activities. They have to focus. They have to listen to their coaches. They also have to listen to their body and their emotions. And they have to learn self-control.

Our fun, collaborative, welcoming environment makes all of this easy – contributing to the development of your child as a well-rounded, balanced, fit individual.

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