Meet Our Coaches

Every Zacada Circus Coach is a professionally certified expert, and is experienced in working with participants of all ages, from toddlers, to teenagers, to adults.

You can feel confident that you and your children are in good hands with our coaches. Our commitment to the on-going development of our coaches results in the very best guidance for fitness improvement and skill development.

  • Kosta Zakharenko | Co-Founder

    Kosta's experience performing with the Cirque du Soleil inspired him to co-found Zacada Circus School with Christine Cadeau, to share their knowledge and love of the circus arts.
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  • Christine Cadeau | Co-Founder

    Christine and Kosta founded Zacada Circus School in 2007 in order to realize their vision of combining elements of fitness and artistic impression to teach the circus arts.
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  • Debra Brown / Artistic Advisor

    Debra Brown is Zacada’s Artistic Advisor / Director and most valued Choreographer. Debra has been the principal choreographer for Cirque du Soleil since 1987. Zacada’s Co-founders Kosta and Christine had the opportunity to meet and work with Debra Brown back in 1996-2001 with Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam and are honoured and so grateful to be able to have Debra as an Artistic Direc...
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  • Kayley Pettit | Coach

    As a Zacada Circus School performer and coach, Kayley Pettit draws from her extensive and varied dance career.
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  • Zach Nearchou / Coach

    Zach Nearchou jumped at the chance at joining Zacada's Ninja program when it opened 6 years ago in 2015.  Since then he has competed in multiple Ninja competitions and National Ninja League World Competition.  Zach has been part of helping develop Zacada's Ninja Program over the years.   His interest in challenging himself has rubbed off on his students. Zach's Big Brother perso...
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  • Jessie DiPasquale / Coach

    Jessie has had several years of dance and gymnastics experience before finding her passion in circus and trained and performed in the aerial program at Zacada for 3 years before she was invited to join Zacada's elite performance team.  Jessie specializes in trapeze and is Zacada's Hula Ho...
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  • Selah Bishop / Coach

    Selah has been a performer with Zacada Circus School since 2012 and has been coaching since 2015. Before circus, Selah spent 8 years training as a competitive gymnast in Hamilton and competed all across Ontario. Currently at Zacada, Selah specializes in Cyr wheel, which she has been trainin...
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  • Alexa Compare / Choreographer

    Alexa Compare- is a dance Pageant title holder, has performed on a project with Cirque du Soleil and a technical dancer- began her journey into her arts at the age of 3 years-old. She is a professionally trained dancer in ballet, tap, acro, jazz, and contemporary. She competed international...
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  • Jackson Rankin-Stanfield / Coach

    Jackson Rankin-Stanfield joined Zacada Circus' Ninja Warrior program when it opened in 2016 and fell in love with the sport. Always an active kid, Jackson took Ninja in stride and developed his skills enough to join the newly formed competitive team. With his team, he learned all about Ninja obstacles, techniques, strength conditioning, and competition performance. He has competed in and won ma...
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  • Cana Bishop / Coach

    Cana has been a performer with Zacada Circus School since 2013 becoming one of the youngest performers to join Zacada’s Show Team at 8 years old. Before transferring to the circus, Cana was a competitive gymnast in Hamilton and loved competing all over Ontario. At Zacada, Cana specializes in German Wheel and Silks, but training at Zacada for over half of her life she has require...
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  • Natalie Moulton / Coach

    Natalie first joined Zacada in 2015 where she trained with the Aerial Team for 2 years before being asked to join Zacada’s Show Team. She has been training with the Show Team for the past 4 years, as she loves being able to perform and express herself through the circus arts. Natalie specializes in the Aerial Hoop and Hula Hoops, as well as having experience with Tumbling, Acr...
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