About Zacada Circus School

Zacada Circus School is Ontario's premier centre for circus performance training, recreational circus classes & camps, and circus-based corporate or private events.

Owners Christine Cadeau and Kosta Zakharenko, both former world-ranked athletes and Cirque du Soleil performers, opened Zacada Circus School in May 2007.

For over 10 years, Christine and Kosta traveled the world with the Cirque du Soleil show 'Quidam' – one of Cirque's longest running shows. 

Inspired by their experiences with the highest level of quality entertainment, Kosta and Christine left the the Cirque du Soleil tour to settle in Niagara, where they launched the school with the aim of sharing their knowledge and love of the circus arts.

Zacada Circus School develops recreational and professional level performers who wish to pursue a career in the circus arts. Zacada also offers summer camps, classes for children and adults, and stages corporate/private circus-themed events.

Commitment to Collaboration

If you've ever seen a circus show, you know that collaboration, trust and support are key. Unlike many other sport options for kids, the environment at Zacada is not competitive. We foster the development of collaboration by working together on a common goal – to create a show. 

Everyone in a class participates together. And they each share the common reward – the satisfaction of creation, of achieving a goal, and of hearing the applause as they perform for an audience.

It's a great experience all around.

Facilities & Equipment

  • Total of 10,000 sq. feet
  • Designed for safety
  • Space can be transformed from a training facility to a performance space that seats 170 people
  • Equipment includes: Trapezes, Aerial Silks & Hoops, Spanish Webs, Aerial Hammocks, Trampolines, Tumble Truck, Unicycles, Cyr Wheels
  • 2" thick foam (like a cheerleading floor) through out entire gym
  • Hard Rubber Floor area for training skills such as Unicycle, Skipping and Cyr Wheel

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Get fit and have fun with Zacada Circus School Classes – for kids and adults!