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Circus Recreational Stoney Creek

These classes will help your child develop skills in awareness, flexibility and strength in their fast-growing bodies. 

Please choose the day and time from the menu.

This is the first installment of the equal payment plan.

Example :

Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Total cost is $475.00  Divided by 5 equal payments = $95.00 + HST

1st payment : $95.00 + $17.50 (registration fee) = $112.50 + HST (To reserve the spot)

2nd payment $95.00 + HST (October 1st)

3rd payment $95.00 +HST (November 1st)

4th payment $95.00 + HST ( December 1st)

5th payment $95.00 + HST (January 1st )

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Get fit and have fun with Zacada Circus School Classes – for kids and adults!